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Make sure the Wrist Camera is properly mounted to the robot arm and that all electrical wiring is correctly done (refer to Section 3.4 and 3.5). Make sure your Universal Robots’ software is up to date. Polyscope must be at least a 3.3 version in order to install a URCap (version on the release date of this manual).


For the URCap update, refer to Section 3.6.2 to uninstall prior to installation.

 Wrist Camera Locate URCap Installation

  • From, visit the vision system page and download the latest UCC-X.X.X compressed file.
  • Uncompress the content of the latest UCC-X.X.X compressed file on the provided 16 Gig USB stick (ACC-USB-16G).
  • Make sure the urcap file and the vision system folder are on the root of the USB drive as shown in Figure

Figure Files on the root of the 16 Gig USB stick.

  • With the robot controller on, insert the 16 Gig USB stick in the 4 ports USB hub.

Figure Connections on the 4 ports USB hub.

  • From Polyscope's home page, tap Setup Robot and go in URCaps Setup.
  • Tap the plus ( + ) sign and open Robotiq_Wrist_Camera-X.X.X.urcap from the USB stick. 
  • Tap Restart and wait for Polyscope to reopen.
  • Go in Program Robot and then in the Installation tab.
  • Choose Camera and go in the Dashboard tab.
  • Verify the Vision system's status.

Figure Camera dashboard ready to install the vision server. 

  • Tap Install and wait for the vision server to be installed.
  • If the firmware has to be updated, tap Upgrade Camera firmware to upgrade it before continuing (refer to Figure

Figure Camera dashboard with camera firmware upgrade

  • Wait for the vision system to start.
  • The installation is completed.
  • In order to use another USB drive on the controller, reboot the robot controller. 

Do not unplug the 16 Gig USB stick or the USB licence dongle, even after the installation has been completed.


The Dashboard tab contains helpful information for troubleshooting the vision system.

Test the Installation

After the installation has been completed, verify that the vision system works properly.

  1. From a robot program, go in the Installation tab and choose Camera.
  2. Go in the Dashboard tab and verify the system's status. Make sure the vision system is running.
  3. Go in the Camera tab. The output image will appear. 

Center of Mass

Prior to use over Universal Robots, adjust the center of mass and payload from the Installation tab (refer to Section 7.1.1).

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